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A precautionary chat with Alexander Drook

Region: Voronezh, Voronezh Oblast
Threat type: repression

On 16 January, Alexander Drook of the Youth Rights Movement was called by the dean of the physics department at Voronezh State University, where he is a student. The dean asked Drook to come to his office the next day in order to discuss issues related to his studies. On 17 January, around 2pm, the rights activists came to the dean’s office, but was told that FSB agents wanted to speak to him instead.

They told Alexander that they wanted to speak to him in a room of the security services. An agent identified himself as Lietenant Colonel Alexey Mikhailovich Kulikov. Kulikov was interested in the possible planning of rights-related events that might interfere with the Olympic events in Voronezh, in particular on 18 January.

Kulikov told Drook that there is negative information in the media about rights activists, and mentioned the names of other Voronezh activists. Kulikov also asked about the general activities of rights organisations that Drook is a member of – the Youth Rights Movement, and the Voronezh Oblast Youth Council on Human Rights. After this, Kulikov spoke to Drook about his family, saying that the neighborhood he lives in is “dangerous”. Kulikov asked Drook if he could meet with him from time to time and call him on his cell phone.

During this conversation, Drook asked Kulikov not to summon him secretly anywhere or to meet at the House of Human Rights or during official events where other rights activists would be present, including to discuss the activities of rights organisations or security in the region as a whole. Rather Drook asked Kulikov to only send written requests and to summon him in an official capacity.

Figurants: Alexander Drook, chairman of the Voronezh Oblast Youth Council on Human Rights, International Youth Rights Movement, House of Human Rights - Voronezh

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