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Activists of "Environmental Watch on North Caucasus" were detained

Region: Krasnodar
Type of threat: inspection of the car, detaintion, threat of administrative persecution.

In the evening on February 3 in Krasnodar (Rostovskoe roadway, police checkpoint #5) Denis Pestretsov's car were stopped by the road police. Policemen said that the car was supposed to be involved in some offense. The policemen checked documents of the driver and passengers of the car, inspected the car and drew up a report of the inspection.

During the inspection the policemen took away the documents of the passengers. One of the policemen also clutched Tatyana Borisova by her hand, told the passengers that he was armed and was going to draw up a report, according to which the passengers would be accused in disobedience of a lawful order of the policeman (The Code on Administrative Offences, article 19.3)

The passengers (Anna Mikhaylova, Alexey Mandrigelya, Tatyana Borisova) and the driver Denis Pestretsov were brought to the Kalininskiy police office in Krasnodar. Policemen asked Alexey Mandrigelya several questions, other activists were not questioned. The policemen said that policeman from the criminal police were going to come there "to hold an educational conversation" with activists but no such conversations were held then.
Activists were held at the checkpoint and in the police office more than 3 hours. No reports on delivering or detaintion were drawn. In the report book of the police office false information about time of delivering was fixed. About 3 am on February 4 all the activists were released.

Figurants: Anna Mikhaylova, Alexey Mandrigelya, Tatyana Borisova,  Denis Pestretsov
Activists of "Environmental Watch on North Caucasus"

Links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGYCMEtSPpE, http://www.ewnc.org/node/13503

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