среда, 5 февраля 2014 г.

Olga Soldatova’s and Olga Zazulya’s Detention

Region: Krasnodar 
Threat type: detention, threat of administrative prosecution 

On 5 February around 5:50pm, Olga Soldatova, an activist of the Environmental Watch of the North Caucasus, held a solo picket near the central police department in support of Igor Kharchenko.

Soldatova stood with a sign near the gate of the police station, where the detention facility in which Kharchenko is being held is located.

Olga Zazulya observed the picket from a distance and took photos. After some time, police approached Soldatova and demanded that she end the picket.

At the same time, Zazulya was approached by senior police lieutenant Nikolai Vasilievich Zhuravlev, who ordered her to stop taking photos and provide proof of permission for taking photos of the fence surrounding the station. Zhuravlev immediately ordered her inside to provide this proof, warning that if she was not able to, then he would have to cite her. According to the policeman, the police station was a facility of special significance, and that taking photos without permission from the Ministry of Interior is prohibited. The police ordered Soldatova into the police station as well.

In the station, police spoke with Soldatova and Zazulya, but did not present their identification, despite the women’s requests. The women wrote statements, after which they were released from the station.

Figurants: Olga Soldatova, activist of the Environmental Watch of the North Caucasus, Olga Zazulya, independent observer. 
Links: http://ewnc.org/node/13532

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