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Detaintion of Igor Kharchenko and Olga Soldatova

Region: Dinskiy area of Krasnodar region
Type of threat: stopping of car, inspection of car, identification of driver's condition, detaintion, threat of administrative persecution. 

In the evening on February 3 Igor Kharchenko drove the car, Olga Soldatova was his passenger. The car was stopped by the road police near Novotitarovskaya village (suburb of Krasnodar). The policemen said that there had been a call to the police from some citizens who had told about a strange driver. Igor Kharchenko was identified by the police as sober.

The the policemen said that activists were supposed to be accused in some offences, arrested and brought Olga Soldatova and Igor Kharchenko to the police office (Dinskiy area of Krasnodar region). Four activists (Anna Mikhaylova, Alexey Mandrigelya, Denis Pestretsov and Tatyana Borisova) tried to get to this police office but they also were arrested on their way (read more: http://sochi2014watch-en.blogspot.ru/2014/02/activists-of-environmental-watch-on.html)

Igor Kharchenko was interrogated by the head of the criminal police of Dinskiy area, who called himself "Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich" although according to the nameplate on the door of his office his name was Scherbakha Gennadiy Vasilyevich. Kharchenko says that Scherbakha was rude and tried to take Kharchenko's phone against his will. Activists Kharchenko and Soldatova were asked about their plans for the next day (on February 4 in Krasnodar was held the relay of the Olympic flame).

Activists were released about 2 am on February 4. No reports on delivering or detaintion were drawn, no prosecutions were started.

Figurants: Olga Soldatova, Igor Kharchenko
Activists of "Environmental Watch on North Caucasus"

Links: http://www.ewnc.org/node/13501, http://www.kavkaz-uzel.ru/articles/237644

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