четверг, 6 февраля 2014 г.

Igor Harchenko Announces Hunger Strike and Makes Complaint About Detention Conditions

Updated from: Arrest and detention of Igor Kharchenko 4.02.2014

The poster says: Free Greenpeace activists
Igor Harchenko

On 6 February, Igor Harchenko’s lawyer Irina Dubrovina visited him at the detention centre where he is currently serving out his sentence.

Igor said from the moment of his detention on 4 February to the morning of the 5th, that he was held in an almost unheated facility at Krasnodar’s western district police station. Police officers did not provide him with hot food or drinking water. The activist announced a hunger strike on 5 February.

Harchenko’s friends were able to pass on warm clothing and books to him.

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