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Evgeny Vitishko’s Detention and Arrest

Region: Krasnodar Krai, Tuapse 
Threat type: detention, administrative arrest 

On 3 February, Evgeny Vitishko walked out of the Tuapse penitentiary administration building and was detained by police at a nearby public transportation stop.

Vitishko was initially detained on suspicion of theft, after which he was taken to the police station. There, he was accused of swearing at the stop, something that falls under article 20.1 of the Russian Federation’s administrative violation code (petty hooliganism).

His hearing was held later that day at the Tuapse municipal court. The environmental activist filed a petition for legal representation, which the court struck down, insisting that Vitishko accept the court-appointed defense lawyer, but Vitishko refused. The court even rejected the call to bring in two witnesses whose signatures are on the witness statements to testify for Vitishko.

Around 6pm, Judge Oleg Kalimanov sentenced Vitishko to 15 days in jail. Vitishko is appealing this decision.

The environmental activist was taken to the detention facility for the Tuapse District to carry out his sentence.

Figurants: Evgeny Vitishko, council member of the Environmental Watch of the North Caucasus 
Links: http://ewnc.org/node/13496, http://ewnc.org/node/13497, http://hro.org/node/18615

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