суббота, 8 февраля 2014 г.

New information about the arrest of the picket organizers in Petrozavodsk

Update from: The picket organizers detained by police in Petrozavodsk (http://sochi2014watch-en.blogspot.ru/2014/02/petrozavodsk-picket-organizers-detained.html)

On February 7th, around 5pm, police officers took picket organizers Pavel and Sergei from their homes in Petrozavodsk to the police station. According to the activists, during their questioning, the police threatened them with violence and drug planting. The activists were held around an hour and a half before being released.

On February 8th, at about 9am police came to the home of Anatoly Avdeev, while Pavel was also there. The activists told the police that they had already spoken with law enforcement the day before. The police said, "This is another police." These officers identified themselves as working for the narcotics control but carried no identification. These men explained that neighbors had been complaining about the smell of paint. The activists were detained and taken away from the home and under various pretexts were kept in police custody until the start of the rally.

Pavel also explained that on the morning of the 8th, several men in civilian clothes entered the shop where materials for the picket were kept, and posing as friends of Paul took away all the materials.

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